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RDC Leadership

Rubicon Development Center (RDC), based in India, provides software application development, solution architecture, quality assurance, and data analytics services. Our team specializes in Mobile/Web engineering, big data, data visualization and analytics, UI/UX, and information architecture.

Santosh Badal

Operations Director

Kailas Adaling

Development Lead

Amit Patil

QA Manager


Infrastructure and Capabilities

RDC is located in Pune, a major hub for Information Technology and Engineering in India. The center is staffed with software developers, application architects, testing resources, project managers, and business analysts. It provides a robust and secured development infrastructure with multi-layered physical and network security, a 24X7 rapid response team, high availability, scalability, and compliance. RDC team leverages a best-of-breed development methodology, utilizing elements of Agile and SDLC Waterfall methodologies to optimize delivery time and quality. This approach adopts the discrete control, traceability, and accountability of Waterfall coupled with the iterative development/test cycles of Agile which focus on early user feedback, reduce the overall level of risk, and facilitate frequent and open communication between all stakeholders.


Application Development and Support

Application Development services include new product development and major modifications to an existing application. RDC staff members hold several certifications in various technologies and can develop on an array of platforms. Engagements of this type include a local Rubicon liaison to translate requirements, coordinate development activities pursuant to the Client’s development methodology, and facilitate clear and timely communication and status reporting. RDC also provides legacy application operational support for client systems or business processes. This service may include but is not limited to Level 1 and Level 2 support and problem resolution, application process management/monitoring, application upgrade support and KPI Reporting.


Software Validation

The RDC Software Validation offering is designed to reduce the risk of typical system issues resulting from inadequate testing. Rubicon’s subject matter knowledge in utility business processes coupled with RDC’s technical expertise is well equipped to develop an effective testing strategy, including test scenario development, test execution scripts development, and producing the requisite documentation and job aides during test execution needed to gain the client’s confidence that all key requirements have been validated.Rubicon can augment an existing test team or assume responsibility for all testing activities such as unit testing, integration and performance testing, regression testing, end-to-end testing, and User Acceptance Testing.

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