Alex Botvinik


Alex Botvinik brings more than 20 years of experience to Rubicon Associates, a strong technical know-how, and deep business acumen in the electric and natural gas industry. He has led design, development and implementation efforts of several software solutions for primarily North American and European energy businesses. Alex has held various positions of leadership at ABB/Ventyx, NewEnerg...Read more


Parimal Desai

Managing Partner

With over fifteen years of proven experience overseeing large-scale energy industry projects in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, Parimal Desai  brings unmatched project management and business analysis skills to Rubicon’s clients and partners.  He has led various initiatives involving strategic planning and project execution, process improvement, roadmap and ...Read more


Bill Darden

Solutions Director

With more than 20 years of technology and management experience, Bill Darden is considered a seasoned veteran with keen attention to detail and analytical savvy.  Bill’s talents are wide-ranging and include being a subject matter expert, a proficient technical data analyst, and an expert project manager. Throughout his career in energy, Bill has gained extensive expertise in electric...Read more


Gary Horton

Sr. Project Director

Gary Horton has over 25 years of executive management, program/project management and system implementation experience. His career spans multiple industry areas including Automotive, Logistics, Power, and Oil & Gas. For Energy industry, Gary’s focus is delivering new capability to an array of market participants, including Utilities, Retail Energy Providers, Generators and marketers. ...Read more


Glenn Fletcher

Principal Consultant

Glenn Fletcher has over 20 years of experience in Electric and Gas Choice programs at Exelon, working on projects such as ABB's Retail Office implementations, AMI-based Settlement for PJM, and billing system migration impacts on Choice. He also has experience with load forecasting and analysis, and transmission planning running PSSE load flow, stability, and short circuit analyses.  Glenn ...Read more


Amanda Jostworth

Principal Consultant

Amanda Jostworth has over 20 years of experience as a business subject-matter expert at Duke Energy. She was a senior energy analyst in Duke Ohio’s Energy Accounting department and was responsible for daily, monthly, and annual PJM processes and submissions. Amanda was the lead user and tester for ABB’s Retail Office projects and related system integration initiatives. Prior to that...Read more


Regina Carrado

Principal Engineer

Regina Carrado brings over 38 years of power industry experience in PJM and the surrounding regions from her career at Exelon. She has significant expertise in multiple areas including transmission system open access and competition, transmission investment and rates, transmission planning, wholesale capacity and energy markets, NERC, RTO functions, stakeholder processes, FERC filings, transmis...Read more

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